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Let's Ride

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Join us for Earth Day, Bike Month events, and more!

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Scheduled rides on weekend mornings and Wednesday evenings.

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Full day group rides on safe trails and paved roads.

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Interactive maps of cycling routes in the Stratford area.

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Cycle Stratford's calendar of rides and events.

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Ride with us!

Members of Cycle Stratford enjoy fresh air and exercise and other benefits of “green” transportation. We are a social group, too! Members can participate in weekly, destination and special event rides. Guests are also welcome, but must sign a waiver and may pay a small fee.


Cycling maps for the previous year's Perth County Cycle Tour are available for you to ride any of the PCCT routes - at your leisure!


Sign up here to become a member and take part in Stratford’s growing cycling community. Business sponsors and Donors are also very welcome!


Cycle Stratford members:


  • Stay on the right side of the road (single or double file)

  • Stop at stop signs and red traffic lights

  • Signal lane changes, turns and changes in speed

  • Wait in line at the back of a traffic queue

… and, of course, follow all of the rules of the road.

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