Board Members

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GEOFF LOVE, our intrepid board chair, is a life-long cyclist, starting with daily rides to a one room country school north of Toronto. His cycling took a new turn when he and his wife moved to Stratford 10 years ago. His energy is high gear, but he loves being the slowest of the slow while sweeping the “experienced” group's Sunday rides and keeping everyone safe. Geoff is strongly committed to Cycle Stratford's ongoing advocacy work to make Stratford a more bike-friendly place to ride.

See an interview with Geoff Love here.

RON DODSON loves Sunday morning rides into the Stratford area countryside with Cycle Stratford friends. A retired teacher, he and his wife have also done multi-day cycling in Quebec, and “Bike and Barge” trips through France and the Netherlands, where they learned about history and culture at a leisurely pace. Ron is fairly new to the Cycle Stratford board, and enjoys the club’s positive vibe, while organizing and innovating. You will find him on his Specialized Sirrus road bike.

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Cropped Bike

PETER FISCHER is a very active octogenarian who has been in the saddle since he was ten years old. A retired geologist, he cycles for exercise and fresh air. Every second day for the past 15 years, Peter can be found on Line 29 and Road 122, cycling to St. Pauls and back with the wind at his back in both directions. His “Open” custom-made hybrid mountain bike lets him see the land and smell the earth. He hopes he has passed along his life-long cycling passion to his five grandchildren.

NADINE HAYES has been an avid Spin class cycler and mountain bike rider for many years.  In 2019 she joined Cycle Stratford to expand her activity and knowledge to learn about outdoor road cycling, destination rides, and advocacy.  Early morning rides on the weekend are a favourite.  With a career in commercial banking and finance, she assists the group Treasurer.

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​DAVE JASPER started cycling about ten years ago, mainly for fitness, through good weather and bad. He likes to cycle on rail trails or any other pathway where vehicles are not allowed. Since being bitten by the cycling bug (year-round!), he has purchased three bikes, all made by Giant: a mountain bike for off roading through Wildwood, a road bike for longer trips on shared roads and his “just around town” bike for errands and short trips.

ROSEMARY JASPER has been cycling for about ten years and is one of Cycle Stratford’s Ride Coordinators. She gets out on one of her three Giant bikes as often as she can depending on her schedule and weather. Working for an airline has made it possible to explore many places around the world, but her favourite place to cycle is anywhere she can enjoy fresh air, sunshine and interesting scenery.

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PAUL MacPHERSON joined the Cycle Stratford board in 2021, but he has been an active supporter and member for several years. Paul has been an avid cyclist for a long time, and loves to get out on his bike every chance he gets. He also does a great job of selecting routes for the Perth County Cycling Tour so that everyone is safe and has a fun, challenging ride.

JENNIFER NICKEL started cycling with Vancouver MeetUp groups in 2005, and she and her husband David often rent bikes to go exploring while on vacation. Since moving to Stratford in 2019, Jen has enjoyed riding local road routes and rail trails on her hybrid Norco Indie. During the pandemic, she logged many kms indoors on a Bowflex spin bike and using Zwift (including riding virtually with other Cycle Stratford members.) Jen brings project management and organizational consulting skills to the Board and looks forward to supporting Cycle Stratford's annual events and programs.

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PAT RANNEY has cycled since she was a kid and has hit the road more frequently the last few years on her Liv Alight bike. She enjoys the exercise and people she has met through Cycle Stratford. Born and raised in Stratford, Pat lived in Toronto where she was a Project Manager and Strategic Planner. Retired now, she is a part time usher for the Stratford Festival and Returning Officer at election times. A seasoned traveller, she enjoys short jaunts around Stratford and multi-day cycling trips.

WAYNE SJAARDA is a retired veterinarian who has lived in Stratford since 2008. He has been a Cycle Stratford board member and a Ride Coordinator since 2014. Wayne’s love of cycling started as a child but geared up while he and his wife lived in the Netherlands, where it’s very easy to get hooked on cycling!


Multi-day bike trips were favourite ways of spending their vacations, and that continued since coming to Stratford. Wayne can be seen pedalling a Dutch Batavus touring bike and a Cannondale road bike.

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KATE SWIFT has been cycling for close to five decades, starting on the family’s hand-me-down kiddie tricycle. She enjoys the paved shoulders and off-road trails of Washington State and the classic Seattle to Portland event. For her, a great day of riding includes an early start with a big breakfast, and a long ride somewhere scenic with a stop in the middle. Bonus points if there’s a swim at the stopping point and more bonus points if someone else cooks afterward!