Weekly Club Rides

The rides and groups below are guidelines only. The ride leaders do their best to create safe, enjoyable rides.

If you have a question about any ride, please contact us.

Learn about our introduction to cycling course here.

Guests are invited to join us for two rides before deciding to join the club. Guests must sign our waiver prior to participating in any ride. The waiver can be found on the Membership application form.

The last ride for this season is on October 31.

Town Tourers

Description: Short distance on local paved, multi-use trails, city streets and paved, low-traffic county roads.

Distance: 15 to 25 km, using the Festival Route and others to be added

Pace: 15 to 18 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Gertie Kramer

Country Cruisers

Description: Intermediate distance, on paved, low-traffic county roads.

Distance: 30 to 40 km, using routes 1 - 7

Pace: About 20 kph, with a rest stop

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leaders: Rosemary Jasper and Wayne Sjaarda

Further Afielders

Description: A longer ride on quieter country roads.

Distance: 40 to 60 km, using routes 8 & 9 and other routes decided by the leader and participating cyclists

Pace: 22 to 24 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Denis Murphy


Description: A cross between the Country Cruisers and the Further Afielders.

Distance: 30 to 45 km, using variations of routes 1 – 9, depending on wind and weather

Pace: 20 – 22 kph

When and Where: Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leaders: Doug Patient and Denis Murphy

Gravel Grinders

Description: A group ride using mostly local gravel roads.

Distance: 30 to 50 km

When and Where: Saturday mornings at 9 am, meeting at the old Sobey's parking lot on Lorne Ave. The last ride for the season is on July 31.

Ride Leader: Mark Graves

Mark is an experienced gravel biker. He biked across America using mostly gravel roads and is convinced you too will enjoy the quiet country roads. Read more here about why Mark loves gravel biking & what type of equipment he uses.

Thursday Social Ride aka Thirsty Thursday

Description: The Thursday Social is for casual riders interested in a 1-hour, ~20 km loop starting and ending in Market Square (or nearby pre-announced location), followed by a social. Group departs at 6:30pm sharp. There are many al fresco dining options available and it is recommended that riders interested in purchasing post-ride refreshments from local eateries pre-order takeout for pickup at approximately 7:40pm, or bring your own post-ride snacks.

Distance: 20 km

Pace: About 20km per hour, using variations of routes 1 – 9 and in-town routes, depending on wind and weather.

Where and when: Thursdays at 6:30pm, meeting in Market Square west side.

Ride Leaders Jennifer Nickel

September 6, 2021

Due to recent low attendance and lack of available ride leaders/sweeps for the next few weeks (also earlier and earlier sunset times), the Thurs social rides are done for the season. Thanks to everyone who came out and tried the Thursday casual ride + Market Square al fresco dining with the group.







Ride with Confidence!

We are offering an introduction to cycling courses for adults, teenagers and families. New to biking, returning from a cycling hiatus or need a refresher? Do you have a child who would like to learn the basics of cycling? There will be two sessions, each about 90 minutes in length. Most of that time will be spent biking on a controlled course and on quiet streets.
Dates: July 17 at 10 am. Will be cancelled if inclement weather is predicted.
Place: Parking Lot of St.Michael’s Secondary School, at the corner of Matilda St. and Short St.
Fees: No costs for participants. Number of participants will be limited to 8 due to COVID regulations.

●    Participants must be able to ride in a straight line unassisted or have training wheels.
●    Bikes must be in good working order (brakes operational, tires pumped up, etc.)
●    Helmets are mandatory for ALL participants (including adults).
●    Participants must sign a waiver or be a Cycle Stratford member.
●    Follow all COVID-19 ride rules. Please wear a mask when not biking.

Course Outline: Day 1 (July 17)

-    Sizing your bike - adjusting seat and handlebar
-    Helmet fit
-    Basic 'rules of the road'
-    Cycling safely
-    Hand signals, shoulder checks
-    Practice getting comfortable riding, stopping, and turning (on controlled course)
-    Practice these skills with a short, guided ride on Stratford's quieter streets

Day 2 (No date yet)

-    Review of Day 1.
-    Additional practice riding, stopping, and turning (on controlled course)
-    Practice these skills with a guided ride on Stratford's quieter streets with bike lanes and on a multi-use trail

Registration: Please contact us and let us know you want to join the Ride with Confidence Group, and include the names of cyclists. You may attend on both or either of the 2 days.