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Weekly Club Rides

The rides and groups below are guidelines only. The ride leaders do their best to create safe, enjoyable rides.

If you have a question about any ride, please contact us.

Guests are invited to join us for two (2) rides before deciding to join the club. Guests must sign our waiver prior to participating in any ride. Print and sign the waiver, and give it to the Ride Leader before your first ride.

Do you track your rides on Strava? Join our Club to be inspired by fellow cyclist's rides and to watch the leaderboard. 

Town Tourers

Description: Short distance on local paved, multi-use trails, city streets and paved, low-traffic county roads.

Distance: 15 to 25 km, using the Festival Route and others to be added

Pace: 15 to 18 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Rotating leaders

1st ride: May 14, 2023

Country Cruisers

Description: Intermediate distance, on paved, low-traffic county roads.

Distance: 30 to 40 km, using routes 1 - 7

Pace: About 20 kph, with a rest stop

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leaders: Rosemary Jasper, Roland Plum, and Wayne Sjaarda

1st ride: May 14, 2023

Further Afielders

Description: A longer ride on quieter country roads.

Distance: 40 to 60 km, using routes 8 & 9 and other routes decided by the leader and participating cyclists

Pace: 22 to 24 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Pete McDonnell / Rotating leaders

1st ride: May 14, 2023


Description: A cross between the Country Cruisers and the Further Afielders.

Distance: 30 to 45 km, using variations of routes 1 – 9, depending on wind and weather

Pace: 20 – 22 kph

When and Where: Wednesday afternoon at 6 pm. After Labour Day, rides depart at 5:30pm meeting in Market Square (west side).

Ride Leaders: Pete McDonnell / Rotating leaders

1st ride: May 17, 2023 

Gravel Grinders

Due to lack of participation, we will not be offering Gravel Grinders in 2023. If you have an interest in gravel rides, please let us know!

Thursday Social Ride aka Thirsty Thursday, Monthly (1st Thursday of the Month)


Description: The Thursday Social is for casual riders interested in a 1-hour, ~20 km loop starting and ending in Market Square (or nearby pre-announced location), followed by a social. Group departs at 6:30pm sharp. 

The location for the post-ride social will be announced via Email a few days before the ride.

Distance: 20 km

Pace: About 18km per hour, using variations of routes 1 – 9 and in-town routes, depending on wind and weather.

Where and when: 1st Thursday at 6:30pm, meeting in Market Square west side.

Ride Leader: Jennifer Nickel

Ride Dates: June 1, July 6, August 3, Sept 7, Oct 5

NOTE: Sept 7 & Oct 5 rides will depart earlier at 6pm (not 6:30pm)

Calling all Leads & Sweeps​


Interested in learning how to "Lead" or "Sweep" a ride? We would love to hear from you. Cycle Stratford is looking for members to participate as group ride leads and sweeps. It is a fun and easy way to get to know your fellow members and improve your knowledge of cycling in/around the Stratford area. Training is provided. Please contact us to express your interest today.

Returning to Cycling? Get Back in the Saddle

Perhaps you are an adult just returning to cycling, or haven't ridden your bike in years and are nervous about getting out there. Have no fear! Cycle Stratford would be happy to meet with you one-on-one or in a small group to get you comfortable on your bike and ready to participate in one of our weekly club rides listed above.


A cycling refresher session may include reviewing basic safety protocols, practicing hand signals and riding in a group formation, and short distance rides around town to get you rolling. These 1-hour sessions are not scheduled and can be tailored to meet your needs, so please contact us to organize at   

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