Weekly Club Rides

The rides and groups below are guidelines only. The ride leaders do their best to create safe, enjoyable rides. If you have a question about any ride, please contact us.

Town Tourers

Description: Short distance on local paved, multi-use trails, city streets and paved, low-traffic county roads

Distance: 15 to 25 km, using the Festival Route and others to be added

Pace: 15 to 18 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Gertie Kramer

Country Cruisers

Description: Intermediate distance, on paved, low-traffic county roads.

Distance: 30 to 40 km, using routes 1 - 7

Pace: About 20 kph, with a rest stop

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leaders: Rosemary Jasper and Wayne Sjaarda

Further Afielders

Description: A longer ride on quieter country roads

Distance: 40 to 60 km, using routes 8 & 9 and other routes decided by the leader and participating cyclists

Pace: 22 to 24 kph

When and Where: Sunday mornings at 9 am, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leader: Denis Murphy


Description: A cross between the Country Cruisers and the Further Afielders.

Distance: 30 to 45 km, using variations of routes 1 – 9, depending on wind and weather

Pace: 20 – 22 kph

When and Where: Wednesday evenings at 5:30 pm, meeting in Market Square (west side)

Ride Leaders: Doug Patient and Denis Murphy

Ride with Confidence!

Description: Four no-cost, 60 minute sessions for all ages and abilities, including families, children and seniors, who want to cycle safely, confidently and securely on city streets for recreation or to a particular destination in Stratford. We will help you get comfortable with your bike, including safe cycling and basic bike maintenance, followed by rides on quieter city streets and multi-use trails. These rides will be very beneficial for all families whose children bike to school and is supported by School Travel Planning Committee, Stratford’s Active Transportation Advisory Committee and Huron Perth Public Health. Children can be in a bike trailer or independent. You can come every time, or drop in on the Saturdays that work for you.

Distance: Depends on the group’s needs and comfort level

When and Where: First four Saturdays in June at 10 am, meeting in the northeast corner of the Rotary Complex parking lot

Other information: Cycling helmets are mandatory and bikes must be in good condition. There is no cost, but adults must have a Cycle Stratford membership or sign a waiver form.

Registration: Please contact us and let us know you want to join the Ride with Confidence Group, and include the names of cyclists